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1. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO "REAL" CLEANING? No skim-coating nonsense!  Yes No

2. Can you PASS a *fingerprinted, criminal background check* (no theft of drug charges). Background checks are only done the LA State Troopers in BATON ROUGE.  Yes No

3. Do you smoke?  Yes No
If you smoke, we do not STOP working so YOU can TAKE A SMOKE BREAK. If you smoking habit requires to stop and smoke, go no further. You need not apply.

4. Do you have a car and cell phone? We service residential homes throughout Orleans and Jefferson Parish.  Yes No

5. Are you addicted to being on your phone at all times?  Yes No
If you have to be on your phone at all times, go no further. You need not apply.

6. Can you carrying yourself in a dignified manor while working in someone's home or business? This means NOT discussing the intimate details of your life (drama!). It is *UNPROFESSIONAL.* If you are hired and this becomes a problem, your contractual services will no longer be required. We can all be personable without being personal  Yes No

7. Are you able to work as early as 7:30am (if needed) and as late as 6pm (if needed). Generally, we work from 8am till 4pm, Mon. -- Fri. with "some" Saturdays.  Yes No

8. Are you a U.S. Citizen or legal resident with a social as all earning are reported to the I.R.S. ?  Yes No

9. Do you SPEAK, READ, and WRITE ENGLISH?  Yes No

10. Do you know how do basic ironing?  Yes No

11. This is a physically demanding job and you must be able to meet the requirements both physically and mentally. Do you have any physical or mental ailments that would interfere with your abilities?  Yes No

12. Most of our customers have hidden video cameras. Do have any issues working in a home/business where you are being recorded?  Yes No

13. Can you work well with others?  Yes No

14. Can you work well independently?  Yes No

15. Can you take constructive criticism?  Yes No

16. There is no you and I. It's all about the *CUSTOMER!* THEY are who is important!! Do you understand what is to be a team-member?  Yes No

17. All housekeepers are hired as 1099 associates. You are hired based on your availability, skills and know-how. You come to this job knowing how to clean with all supplies and equipment needed. Do you understand this?  Yes No

If YOU can meet the above guideline and WANT TO "WORK," we would love to hear from you!