Optional Tasks

Inside of RefridgetatorRefrigerator interior cleaning

No extra charge, but it will add ADDITIONAL TIME to your bill. Refrigerators can average 30 to 60 additional minutes to your bill depending on the depth of cleaning the refrigerator needs.

Stove and OvenOven interior cleaning

**$40 (caustic) chemical up-charge.**

Self-cleaning, additional $20. If possible, please run it before we get there so it will be cooled off and we can get our hands into it for cleaning.

Window WashingWindows

Window washing is a separate package. We have a WINDOW WASHING DIVISION of the company. We will be more than happy to come out and give you an estimate.

Window BlindsBlinds

No extra charge. PLEASE note that wet hand-wiping individual slats on shades TAKES TIME! This can add anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to your time.


If done with broom and mop, NO additional charge. A “hands-and-knees” hand cleaning comes with our SPRING-CLEAN and MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT clean.

Ceiling FanCeiling Fans

No extra charge if done with our extendable cleaners. “HAND” washed cleaning comes with our SPRING-CLEAN and MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT clean

Kitchen and Bathroom CabinetsCabinets: Inside kitchen / bathrooms cabinets

Included in SPRING CLEANING and MOVE-IN / MOVE-OUT packages, or you can add it as an “extra” in your general Clean package. Call office for quote.

Dirty DishesDishes

No extra charge. However, please remember that we are happy to provide these services, but an excessive amount of dishes will add time to your bill.


No extra charge. LAUNDRY TAKES TIME! Please remember that we are happy to provide these services, but it will add time to your bill.

FeBreze Room FresheneraRoom Freshener

We do not carry fragrance with us. Many of our customers have allergies and strong Fragrances aggravate their medical conditions. However, if you love fragrant smells, please leave whatever deodorizer you like us to mist in your home on the kitchen countertop, and we will be happy to use it in your home.

Dow Scrubbing BubblesBathroom Chemical Supplies

Many of our customers have bathrooms with “specific” chemical needs, and we have many customers who suffer from allergies and other breathing problems. With this in mind, we please ask that ALL customers provide bathroom cleaners/chemicals that they deem safe for their family and effective for cleaning.

ToysToys Clutter Patrol

TOYS! We all love our bundles of joy. Most of our team members are moms as well. However, if there are toys left all around the house, we don’t mind picking them up (after all we are here to help), but picking up toys adds time to your cleaning bill. If you are on a time constraint,we would suggest picking up the toys before our arrival so we can stick to the “meat and bones” of your house cleaning. We want to give you a quality job!